The superabsorbent polymer HIDROSILO, is a technological innovation developed and commercialized by the Granado Institute (, which is a research center focused on the development of sustainable solutions in polymers, mainly with Polyacrylonitrile (PAN), widely used in the world in the manufacture of textile fibers.

Its head office is located in the Industrial Condominium Indusvale, in the city of Jacareí, Sao Paulo State. It also depends on a pilot plant with the capacity to produce 60 T/month of SAPs using acrylic waste, located in the Radici Group Industrial Park, in São José dos Campos City, SP, Brazil.

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HIDROSILO is a superabsorbent polymer (SAP) developed specifically for agriculture and solidification of liquid residues for cultivation. Its main characteristic is to store water within its reticulated polymeric structure.

The HIDROSILO has the capacity to absorb more than 300 times its weight in water and thereby maintain moisture in the soil for a long time. When in contact with water, it turns into a gelatinous substance known as HIDROGEL.

The water stored in the HIDROGEL is available to the roots of the plants, allowing them to perform their metabolic functions.

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Large Scale Agriculture



Root conditioning


Soil application

Mixture with fertilizers

Animal confinement

Landscaping and flower decorations

Cut flowers transportation


Leachate and excrement solidification

Mud and mining solidification

Gelling of hospital and veterinary waste

Other applications

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